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Computerized Payroll

Computerized Payroll

We securely and confidentially prepare your payroll. You can fax, email, call in, or drop off hours. We stand out due to our personalized service. We work closely with each client to understand your needs.

Payroll checks can be printed in our office, or we can initiate direct deposit. We either remit the payroll taxes for you or give you instructions to complete the remittance.

You can relax and know that your payroll tax returns will be prepared timely and accurately.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit via ACH is the electronic transfer of funds from your business account into the employees' checking or savings accounts.


  • Saves time (no need to sign and pass out paper checks)
  • Checks are never lost or stolen
  • Transfers are confidential, reducing fraud and identity theft

We can work with your bank or financial institution to start the process.

Direct Deposit
Annual Report

Quarterly & Annual Reporting

Employers are required to make federal and state payroll tax payments, as well as file informational returns. You also have an obligation to provide employees and independent contractors with Forms W-2 and 1099 reporting the compensation paid and taxes withheld. The rules can be complex, and the there are penalties for noncompliance.

We are experts and stay on top of the changing laws.

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